Cyber Intelligence

Set of Consulting and Auditing services that aim to Assure Security

Dognædis Cyber Intelligence services are designed and refined to enable you to control and protect your exposure to the digital world.
Starting from a set of identification data items, such as brands, names, IPs, DNS domains, etc., data is gathered, correlated and transformed into information, which in its turn is analyzed and transformed into intelligence.
This intelligence is the actionable asset you need to take you digital security to the next level. In our vision, the control and protection of this exposure must involve at least three approaches:

Attack surface, its threats and vulnerabilities:

For it to be possible for you to have proper countermeasures in advance you must have a clear insight into how you are characterized as a target, which threats you need to stand up to and how you will deal with them in the most effective and efficient way, identifying and resolving whatever vulnerabilities are revealed in the process. This is exactly what Dognædis Cyber Intelligence services provide, a clear vision of what, how and where you are a target and how you can effectively mitigate the threats and vulnerabilities within your constituency, both in the digital and physical worlds.

Besides using tools from some market leaders, Dognædis uses proprietary tools developed from scratch to gather all the information that may be relevant to provide you with the necessary protection. This complex gathering process embraces a significant diversity of sources, from OSINT, social networks, the three corners of the web (regular, dark and deep), to some Dognædis internally built sources based on various systems such as honeypots or sinkholes.

Identify data breaches:

Dognædis undertakes continuous monitoring based on your identification data items seeking the detection of data breaches that are directly or indirectly related with your scope of operation. Those monitoring activities are performed on the regular web as well as on the deep and dark web.

A proper identification of such breaches will help you act earlier, faster, with the possibly of learning some valuable lessons to evolve and improve your security controls and - most important off all - contain any negative data breach impacts. Aligned with an effective Incident Management capacity, these services will be a true game changer.

Know your enemy:

There is no war strategy, combat approach or methodology that doesn't completely demand the need to know your enemy.

In the fight for your cybersecurity, Threat Hunting and Competitive Benchmarks are, amongst others, your best weapons and defense. It will help to improve your defense and enable you to be more prepared to deal with what may come.

Dognædis Cyber Intelligence services

  • Gathering and correlation threat intelligence
  • Cyber Surveillance
  • Information leak detection
  • Abuse channel automation
  • Rough Mobile application Detection


  • Security advisory handling
  • Vulnerability exposure
  • Situational Awareness
  • Social Threat Hunting
  • Security Ratings and Benchmarks

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