RedRoom means HOT Security: Holistic, cOntinous and Technology independent Security

Redroom, our MSS1 (Managed Security Services) and MDR2 capabilities, is a complete shared SOC services capability build upon a well establish skillset, driven by Incident Management and capable of dealing with a vast range of technology, from the more traditional IT infrastructure, to IIoT, IoT and Critical Infrastructures.

RedRoom had its origin in a certified CSIRT/CERT and nowadays relies on a team where the experience ranges between 3 and 20 years. This skilled and knowledgeable team presents itself as technologically agnostic in the sense that it isn't tied to any specific vendor, but on the other hand is completely committed to use the best solution that fits into your organizational needs. Moreover, it should be noted that among the different team members there exits a vast set of vendor certifications.

Since its conception, back into 2005, RedRoom has been driven by a HOT Security philosophy: Holistic, Continuous and Technologically independent. There is no other way to achieve a robust and sustainable security level other than doing it holistically through all the technological and organizational layers, continuously over time and completely technologically independent. No one can aim for total security capability if they are dependent on a certain technology that may be completely compromised, made redundant or simply discontinued. No one should believe that a bunker keeps being secure and robust if there isn't a proper maintenance to its walls over time. No one can aim to protect a castle if all its walls, doors and “enseadas” are not fortified and well protected.

Prosegur Cybersecurity Network of SOCs

Through our network of SOCs, geographically distributed and working in a follow the sun fashion, Dognædis can provide a unique type of SEC ops service. Due to a continuous knowledge and experience sharing, your organization can benefit from a much faster and efficient reaction regarding the possible lessons learned from other customers. Without compromising the complete customer information segregation, our SOCs can learn from an incident mitigation undertaken today and tomorrow resolve it speedily if the same happens to your organization. This is almost impossible to achieve on a non-shared SOC approach.

Due to its nature and by being a Prosegur Group offer, RedRoom is the only SOC solution capable of integrating both cyber and physical security capabilities.

RedRoom is provided through a cost-effective, detailed, quality oriented and adaptable SLA structure, which makes it suitable for various realities, from SME to big corporations, passing through public organizations of all sizes.

Dognædis RedRoom services

  • Security Monitoring
  • Certified Incident Management
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Digital Forensics


  • Security Awareness
  • DDoS attack prevention
  • Cyber Security infrastructure management
  • Mapping and monitoring of IT devices


Rede Nacional CSIRT
Rede Nacional CSIRT

1 MSS - Managed Security Services
2 MDR - Managed Detection & Response

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