Dognædis IRT

Incident Response Team

Dognædis is proud to offer an Incident Response Team professional service, following its steps of former CERT-IPN Team. With years of experience as a team, DGS-IRT delivers a rich incident handling service to its clients. From being compliant with standards to being capable of a full integration in the clients team, DGS-IRT assures an accurate and effective handling and correct mitigation of any unwanted incidents.

Besides Dognædis' SOC (Security Operations Center), operating in Portugal, Prosegur group has four SOCs, all operating together in a follow-the-sun model. Dognædis develops business among 12 countries, headquartered in Portugal with offices in the United Kingdom and United States of America.


This document describes DGS-IRT, Dognædis CSIRT team, according to RFC 2350, which defines the structure, the procedures and the policies of a CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team). See the DGS-IRT RFC 2350.

Collaboration Networks & Accreditation Bodies

DGS-IRT actively participates on a group of collaboration networks, namely Portuguese National CSIRT Network and Trusted Introducer. Besides this collaboration DGS-IRT is also listed on ENISA CSIRT directory.

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