Introducing CIPHER, Prosegur Cybersecurity's GLOBAL BRAND

Introducing CIPHER, Prosegur Cybersecurity's GLOBAL BRAND

In 2019 Prosegur Cybersecurity division started converging to a single global brand as part of its transformation into a global player.

Making Cybersecurity an added value

In this endeavor we are devoted to bring information security to organizations and individuals, through excellence in innovative and efficient solutions.

Managed Security Services / Managed Detection & Response

Among Dognædis core competences is a holistic, continuous and technology agnostic Managed Security Services and Managed Detection and Response capability - RedRoom.

Services & Products

Making cybersecurity an added value.

Based upon more than 15 years of Incident Management experience, Dognædis offers an certified Incident Management professional service.

Managed Security Services and Managed Detection and Response comprehensive solution designed to detect, prevent and mitigate cyber security incidents through a holistic, continuous and technology agnostic approach.

Dognædis Cyber Intelligence services are designed and tuned to help you control and protect your exposure to the digital world. Starting from a set of identification data items, such as brands, names, IPs, DNS domains, data is gathered, correlated, transformed and analyzed generating actionable intelligence.


Cyber Intelligence platform to automate and orchestrate Incident and Risk management. Portolan is source agnostic platform that delivery a easy-tune intelligence pipeline based in a highly customizable risk equation.

About Us

Learn about our History & Culture.

DOGNÆDIS is a company focused on information security, created in 2010 by a team of researchers from CERT-IPN and University of Coimbra. The same team was previously at the origin of a CSIRT called CERT-IPN (2005 - 2010), hosted at the Instituto Pedro Nunes, a technology transfer interface and highly awarded Business Incubator of Coimbra's University. Since March 2016, Dognædis is part of the Prosegur group, a world-wide leader in the Security Sector with activity in the five continents and more than 170 000 employees.

Dognædis presents itself as an efficiency-oriented service provider and innovative cyber security technology vendor.

Through excellence in innovative solutions, we aim to be at the forefront of security technologies. In this endeavor we are devoted to bring information security to organizations and individuals, helping to make the world a safer place. We promote among all our collaborators a responsible freedom allied to a passion for knowledge. This respect for people is leveraged by continuous improvement supported by, and leading to, state-of-the-art technologies.

At the end of 2018, Prosegur Group acquired Cipher, a global cybersecurity company with offices located in North America, Europe and Latin America.

In 2019 all companies within the Prosegur Cibersecurity Division will undergo a rebrand, transitioning towards the global brand Cipher, a Prosegur Company

In the light of current data protection laws and regulations, we at Dognædis understand that our services are critical and fundamental to the task of protecting the privacy of all personal data that is of responsibility of our clients. To us, data protection and compliance with regulation is of utmost importance.

To accomplish our commitment to privacy and regulations, we take the General Data Protection Regulation seriously and have appointed a certified DPO with broad experience in all areas of Information Security, Data Protection and related fields. Compliance is fostered through the commitment of our Board Members, which extend to all operational areas under the scope of our Quality and Information Security Management System and certifications. You can always consult our privacy policy for additional information.



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  • We need a skilled Business Developer to acquire and manage new client relationships. Must have previous experience in B2B sales, as well as skills related to strategic analysis and marketing. Will be responsible for developing relationships with clients, identify sales leads, negotiating contracts and closing deals.

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  • Responsible for supporting the implementation and enforcement of secure applications, architectures, design principles and for explaining and demonstrating vulnerabilities in the systems/applications, and at the same time providing recommendations for improvement and mitigation.

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  • Conduct formal tests on applications, networks and other types of computer systems on a regular basis, work on physical security assessments of servers, computer systems and networks. Document the findings during the projects and recommend a range of mitigating actions. It requires to work closely with clients to determine their needs regarding security assessments and be able to explain the applied methodologies.

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  • The security incident and event analyst, a.k.a Incident Handler, shall be responsible for real-time monitoring and response of security threats and vulnerabilities in Cyber Security. In the Security Incident and Event Management process, this role requires the ability to analyze events, vulnerability findings, logs and other data sources, in order to determine root causes of security events, providing recommendation to resolve the events, accordingly with established policies and best practices. This ability should include both operational and management perspectives. Furthermore, has to be capable of deep analysis of security incidents including but not only forensics processes.

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